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Where To Buy Yoga Blankets

For those looking to add some style to their yoga practice, we recommend the reversible Tranquil Tribe Boho Blanket For Meditation (view at Amazon) as a fine choice with an attractive Mandala pattern in coordinating colors on each side.

where to buy yoga blankets

A yoga blanket can be used to provide additional grip for your hands or feet while moving from one pose to the next. For this reason, having one with good texture (like a Mexican blanket) is ideal. Yoga blankets can also offer support when you're holding a pose. Some yogis use them to support their lower back, neck, hips, or knees.

"One of my favorite ways to use a yoga blanket is to place it under my glute while I'm in half-pigeon," Driscoll says. After a yoga session, a blanket may also be beneficial for Savasana (the final resting pose at the end of a practice). It may provide comfort and warmth that help you get into a meditative headspace. "I like to use it to cover my students' legs to make them feel warm inside and out," Driscoll says.

Since yoga blankets are typically on the thicker side, crumbling them up and throwing them in a bag may cause them to kink. Instead, you'll want to store them correctly so they're smooth and ready for your next practice.

Yoga blankets can be used in multiple ways. When kneeling, you can use it as padding to take some of the pressure off of your knees. It can also sit under your feet during child's pose to prevent any discomfort on the top of your feet.

If your yoga blanket is made with wool, it can also be machine washed. Just make sure to use cold water when running the load. You don't want to throw a wool blanket in the dryer (even on low) because it can cause pilling over time.

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Simon NM, Hofmann SG, Rosenfield D, et al. Efficacy of yoga vs cognitive behavioral therapy vs stress education for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA Psychiatry. 2021;78(1):13.

Yoga Direct has found a wonderful supplier in Mexico to manufacture our beautiful yoga blankets. The bright and colorful striped yoga blankets will add color, style, warmth and comfort to your yoga studio. Roll them up for an easy prop behind the head or cover yourself for a relaxing savasana after an intense class. All of our blankets are machine washable for easy care, and we have many different styles and colors to suit any budget or studio theme.

The Classic Savasana: The first and most thought of is during your final savasana. By draping yourself in a yoga blanket after an intense studio session, you tell your body to relax. This simple grounding can improve the experience of that last savasana a thousand fold. It can help your lower back relax and sink into the pose. Suddenly your body has gone from stiff to "Oh, this is nice."

The Bees' Knees: Ever get to a point in the cat pose (Marjaryasana) where you would rather move than keep all that pressure on your knees or hands? Yoga Blankets provide just enough cushion to make a for a more comfortable and invigorated practice. You can concentrate the important things (like the spine!) instead of the bees stinging your knees.

Spine Tingling: Do your shoulders scrunch over when in meditation? Your spine needs some love! If you fold up a blanket and place it under your sitz bones, your spine will be better supported. It helps the hunch. A better supported spine also means straighter shoulders. No more shoulder aches. Do you see a yoga blanket in your future yet?

Flexibility Friendly: Yoga teaches you to be flexibile. Shouldn't you expect the same of your props? If you have difficulty with a certain pose, think about what you need to accomplish it. A little support here, a bit of stucture there. With that kind of thinking, it's easy to see how to bend a blanket to your needs. Below are some of our top selling blankets and why people love them.

Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket: We've made some of the most studio friendly blankets with budget in mind. These blankets are easily washable with colors to match any decor. They're a mainstay of yoga professionals for their high quality. Each blanket weighs over 2 lbs for a warmth that lasts. They're woven to amaze you.

Deluxe Recycled Wool Blanket: The one thing better than wool? Recycled Wool! Recycled wool is one of the softest and warmest things around. These blankets are also thick. Like I can roll this up and put it under my legs to feel like I'm floating thick. These blankets are a steal of a deal!

Our yoga blankets are available in a variety of solid colors and beautiful patterns. They are fairly priced for the independent student who needs just one. However, if you are an instructor who requires a dozen or more for your studio, we can offer even lower wholesale pricing. Just use our easy online ordering form or call us for a personalized quote if you are interested in purchasing yoga blankets at quantity discounts.

When we began looking for a reliable and affordable supplier of high-quality yoga blankets, our search led us to Mexico. Here, the artisans make each one by hand, giving the manufacturing process the care and attention it deserves. The material's blend of acrylic, polyester and cotton means it is durable, easy to store and machine washable.

You can order our yoga blankets wholesale or individually in a number of styles. The Standard Mexican Yoga Blankets are thick but each weighs only 2 1/4 pounds, making it light enough to tote around. At 74 inches by 54 inches, its size suits most people. If you are taller than the average yogi, however, we suggest the Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blankets, which are two inches longer and three inches wider.

Yoga devotees depend on blankets for comfort and cushion. You can sit and lie on them, or fold one up to give your knees extra padding in difficult poses. They also provide warmth when you are in less active poses such as corpse (in this case, place the blanket over your body). And you can roll one up to use as you would a bolster.

Our classic, handwoven yoga blankets are perfect for rolling and folding. An excellent yoga prop for height in seated postures and for supporting the head, neck and shoulders during inversions such as shoulder stand, reclining positions and backbends.

A yoga blanket is a prop used in some styles of yoga to support the body. They can help the yoga practitioner to find a better or more comfortable alignment in the posture. The are popular because of their versatility - a blanket can be folded, rolled or opened depending on the need. As such, yoga blankets can be integrated into the whole practice, or simply used as a cover up to keep the students warm during periods of stillness, such as in meditation.

The Deluxe Wool Yoga Blanket lends versatile, comfortable support to your practice. Its uses are endless, including stacking under the shoulders for Shoulderstand, supporting your head in restorative poses, tilting your pelvis forward in seated poses for better spinal alignment, providing extra padding under your knees and elbows, using in place of a bolster, and adding warmth during Savasana. Unlike most wool blankets, the Deluxe Wool Yoga Blanket is soft, not scratchy or itchy. It is durable, washable, and will provide years of use without falling apart.

Wool: Yoga blankets provide the perfect balance between thickness and thinness. Especially, considering those colder months. Yet, this product is not vegan-friendly. So, if this is of concern to you, you may want to choose an alternative.

Blends: Yoga blankets also come in combinations of fabric. These combinations are cotton-polyester-acrylic blends, and serve as a durable and affordable option. They usually come in bold colors that dmanye after multiple washes.

Yoga blankets can come in various styles. They can have intricate designs that represent a specific culture. Or there are some that can be simple and one colored yoga blankets that focus on quality. Here, we focus on the two most common blankets that we see.

Lauren Howard holds a master certification in reiki, or energy healing, and has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She began freelance writing as a means of spreading her truth and knowledge with a broader audience.

Like most yoga props, the blanket is a versatile addition to your practice. The whole point is that it can be used in a variety of different situations and adapted depending on what each individual yogi is looking for.

By offering extra cushioning for your joints and bones, reducing the chance of injury, providing support during strenuous poses, and acting as a versatile prop or block, yoga blankets can benefit you in a number of ways.

For more guidance on some of the best gear out there for keen yogis, take a look at our article on the 11 best gifts for yoga lovers. If someone close to you wants to up their yoga game and add a little extra cushion, a yoga blanket could be the perfect present.

And aside from yoga, there are plenty of slightly more unorthodox practices in which yoga blankets can be useful too. Check out our guide to the gong bath to find out about a meditative experience you may never have heard of before . . .

Handwoven, the Pune Cotton Yoga Blanket is white, unbleached, 100% cotton. It weighs about 3 lbs. has a smooth hand feel, and a tight weave. Iyengar yoga instructors requested this blanket to have two sides stitched only. So, two sides are finished and two sides left open. This allows folding the blanket in such a way that the open ends stack nicely with no bulking up on those ends. This makes for a superior practice blanket.

Most Colorful Options and Lightweight. These blankets come in a traditional pattern but offer so many color choices. Its extremely lightweight at only two pounds, perfect for yoga or taking to the park or beach. 041b061a72


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