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Silent Hill Arcade Pc 34: How It Compares and Contrasts with the Main Series

Edge selected it as runner-up for the Gameplay Innovation award. They stated that, whereas other games attempted to hide the PlayStation's visual inadequecies, Konami used its draw-distance deficiency to chilling effect by draping atmospheric fog about the place.[74]

Silent Hill Arcade Pc 34

Silent Hill: The Arcade is an arcade game that deals with two characters, Eric and Tina, who have entered the town of Silent Hill and must battle monsters while uncovering the mystery behind Eric's nightmares about a girl and a steamship.[17] The Arcade has a multiplayer element, where each player can choose to be either Eric or Tina.[18] A second player can join the game at any time.[19]

Spin-off video games based on the series include the visual novel Play Novel: Silent Hill for the Game Boy Advance,[106][107] the arcade game Silent Hill: The Arcade,[108] and the mobile games Silent Hill: The Escape and Silent Hill: Orphan.[109]

These games are sure to chill your blood and give you a scare. The player is thrown into an actively antagonistic setting, (usually), populated by eldritch horrors, forcing them to use their combat and intuition to survive.

Racing games allow players behind the wheel of cars, whether they be real, tricked out, or just plain normal. These head-to-head games have grown from arcade classics into great simulations. Gran Turismo has the player buy their cars, making it more than a racing game.

it would be weird if they decided to remake silent hill 2 but did not acknowledge silent hill 1 first. i would argue that the first game has potential to be just as good as the sequel if it were to receive a proper remake. better yet, remake them both. they are juggernauts as far as their influence on the horror genre all the same. all the other silent hill games are honestly quite flawed by comparison, especially silent hill 4 and the non mainline entries that were farmed out.

Id love to see some thing good for the franchise but it's Konami so i'm waiting for like an interactive slot machine, silent hill mobile gatcha game and maybe a badly handled port for switch. Probably some NFT rubbish too.

For fans of short horror experiences, Chasing Static should be on your list. This atmospheric horror game from Headware Games has you exploring the dales and rolling hills of rural North Wales during a night of intense storms.

Thanks Smeags for taking the time to put all this together. You are one of the few members on this site that I respect and actually makes this site fun. I should have participated in NoName's Secret Santa thread last year due to him not doing it this year. This site needs to keep as many vets as possible considering the site would start to go downhill without people like you.


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