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Nolan Taylor
Nolan Taylor

Kung Fu Skeleton 720p [BETTER]

Finding himself with Kohrn in a huge room, Kham is shown the skeleton of Por Yai, encrusted with jewels as a gift to Madame Rose. Her men then attack Kham, who now fights more brutally than ever before, breaking many of the men's arms and legs. T.K. is called in, along with three others. Kohrn is thrown through a glass wall, and Kham is knocked into the elephant ornament, causing two leg bones to fall off. Eventually, Kahm defeats the four wrestlers by using the sharp ends of the bones to slice their tendons. He stops Madame Rose before she can escape in a helicopter, and they both crash into the room below. Kham's fall is broken by Por Yai's tusks.

Kung Fu Skeleton 720p

A Minion tries to trade smooches for kung fu lessons (he is rejected). Several Minions dress as women, putting tennis balls in their dresses to look like human women in scenes played solely for humor. One Minion repeatedly shakes his backside while dancing.

Several bad guys, including Gru, drive recklessly, sometimes causing crashes. (They also purposely smash up some cars during a car chase.) Characters get into fights throughout the film. And while they mostly come out unharmed, some henchmen are seen wearing casts after an encounter with a kung fu master. 350c69d7ab


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