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Last Saturday I was finally able to attend the OVERCOMING ANXIETY RETREAT. I’d been hoping to go for over a year. It was so wonderful!!  The Secret Place was so beautiful, beyond my expectations! Also, the peaceful sounds of falling water was so soothing. Megan’s teaching was solid and Biblical, giving all of us ways and means to really overcome our fears. The input and sharing from fellow students made all of us feel a bit more normal ( if there is such a thing, lol. ) I'm on a walker and was a little nervous to tackle the trip, but Dana and Megan had the paths smoothed and even provided special seating to meet my needs. So sweet!!  Our time by the creek was a very special end to the session. Quiet time to reflect on the lessons learned and ask the Lord’s blessing on putting it into practice. Well worth the time and money to attend!!

- Terri P.

Even after years of therapy and many different therapists, I learned more in a few hours that I did in all the others. The way Megan puts things, the realistic approach all really resonated with me. I walked away feeling a lot better than I ever did leaving any other therapists office. I use the techniques she taught me daily and feel stronger and more at ease facing my issues.

- Brandi M.

I have started a homeschool community, began a book business, purchased equipment to photograph my art to sell prints, helped my husband start up his dream business, our daughter went from hating homeschool to cherishing it and telling the whole town she homeschools, my relationship with my husband changed beautifully, and my spirit lit up. I finally started planning, having creative thoughts come back to my heart, and have some of the best people around me. All because a retreat let me dream bigger. It led me to things I didn't even know I needed or knew how to do. So much can come from this (Vision Board) retreat if you let it! I'm so thankful I went and decided to dream creatively and differently since then!

- Shannon M.

I feel so much better than I did a year ago. I never thought an anxiety workshop would change my life. My relationship with my husband and daughter are better and I no longer want to sleep all day... please invite someone to share this experience.

- Vanessia F.

I loved the setting/location. Extremely peaceful and calming to my soul.

- A.V.

I found my faith again today.

- B.M.

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